Taking brands from OK to KO


In our studio, we deal more with typeweights than heavyweights, but we are absolutely in the business of  creating knock-out brands. The gloves might be off for Tyson Fury who retained his title on Saturday night, however for us they’re very much on as we continue to take on 2022. We got into the ring this year with an unorthodox stance, ready to impress our brands with strategies and ideas that were a little ‘outside the box’. It made sense to be innovative and extraordinary – this is what the world had been craving after two years of mundane monotony. If it doesn’t wow, it doesn’t work. This tactic has handsomely paid off because it resulted in a roster of wins in the first quarter of the year.

Big Wins So Far

In Q1 we enjoyed the post-launch success of our favourite Gen Z fashion line, Bad Handwriting – a brand we cultivated from the start, taking them from strategy to sales via a meandering assault course of digital marketing magic. To unleash a new, disruptive clothing line in a saturated market is no easy task, it requires patience, persistence and a steadfast commitment to our branding disciplines. In other words, it doesn’t matter if it’s round 1 or 12, you stick to your beliefs knowing they are grounded in experience and expertise.

We also welcomed on board an exciting, world-changing company called Hyphen, an offshoot of the iconic Reuben Brothers. Our activities with Hyphen have been highly impactful and insightful – we’re working with their renewable energy team to make a real difference to energy efficiency and environmental health around the world. From delivering an applause-worthy brand strategy to creating a powerful brand identity, we’ve been Hyphen’s creative sidekick when it comes to pitches and presentations too. As they pursue the conversion of fossil fuel plants into solar and wind farms, and they fight for the decentralisation and decarbonisation of energy production – we’re empowering their work with emphatic, persuasive design, copy and digital efforts.

Looking Ahead

Now that we are in the second quarter of the year, we are rolling, clinching and counter-attacking the creative market and beyond. We are expanding our team of insanely gifted minds, growing client partnerships, launching new brands in markets and in fact, creating new markets. One of our most exciting updates is the launch of an entirely new category in London’s food sector. Starting with an excellent brand strategy exercise which left our client wowed and wiser, we’ve gone on to complete the brand identity – next will be the marketing strategy. We’ll be showcasing this to you as soon as possible!

One thing we’re doubling down on is our prowess in creating ad campaigns. The UK market’s ad spend is forecasted to grow by 15.2% in 2022, that is a whopping £27 Billion according to the Advertising Association of the UK, definitely offsetting the 7.2% decline of the past 2 years. This hunger for advertising needs to be fed with high quality creative and performance optimisation. Competition is heating up across all sectors, so there’s a monumental need to create distinction from a branding and marketing point of view. Our international, experienced, design-led but commercially-aware team is here to pull no punches and help brands become best-in-class.


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