Packaging Design for Products

Dareen London: Fragrance

We created the Brand Identity for Dareen London, an Arabic range of fragrances. Designing a fragrance brand was new to us and a welcomed challange, especially as it had Arabic routes but a UK audience. We also created the packaging concepts including bottle & box design.

Brand Identity + Packaging Design

Pocket & Fold: Pocket Squares

Pocket & Fold are mens Pocket Squares with added functionality. They are made from the highest quality Microfiber. This means that they can also clean gadgets & devices. Klinical designed every possible element of this product from the Brand Name to the Product itself.

Brand NamingBrand Identity + Packaging Design + eCommerce

Alba Nera: Prosecco

We had the pleasure of creating the Brand Name for Alba Nera (Black Dawn), an Italian Prosecco. The concept of this product was to create something that would appeal to young men & women on a night out, as a cheaper but still luxurious alternative to Champagne. We also created the Brand Identity & Bottle Design, incorporating a glow in the dark finish to the print making it stand out in dark spaces.

Brand NamingBrand Identity + Packaging Design

Domaine La Ferriere: Olive Oil

Domaine La Ferriere is an Organic Olive Oil. This was our first project focussing on sustainability, where every aspect of the product had to be recyclable and good for the environment. Not only did we design all of the Branding & Packaging, we also had to source compostable labels, eco-friendly ink and recycled glass bottles.

Brand Identity + Packaging Design + eCommerce

Pierre-Simon: Champagne

Pierre-Simon is a Champagne by an English producer. Our brief was to create a Champagne brand using the name of the producer’s two sons (Pierre & Simon). We also had to create a modern family crest (Coat of Arms) of their family name (Rolfe). There were three versions of the Champagne (Brut, Rose & Premiere Cru).

Brand Identity + Packaging Design

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