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At Klinical, we’re always thinking about how we can elevate our clients’ experience and provide ways for their brands to stand out from the crowd. Motion Graphics is the latest development in our services offering to do just that.

So, what do we mean by Motion Graphics?

It falls under the umbrella term of ‘animation’. Creating Motion Graphics allows us to bring various elements of a brand to life through movement and transition. It’s powerful enough alone but paired with the right kind of audio, the impact is doubled. Essentially, it’s about transforming static designs into moving ones, adding the dimensions of time and space to what would otherwise be a dormant, unblinking piece of content.

Unlike other types of animation, there are no definitive rules to conjuring up motion graphics, which makes it so unique as a creative discipline. We play around with speed, acceleration and movement, arriving at a perfect combination which draws the viewer in, takes them on a miniature journey, and leaves them feeling a certain desired way.

It’s about creating a deeper connection. The movement triggers an innate curiosity to keep engaged and see what happens next; in the same way most people find it easier to stay hooked to a video than an essay or article.

If you’re looking for an example of motion graphic done exceptionally well, just check out our agency showreel:

Now that we’ve given a brief overview of what motion graphics are, the next obvious question is how can you use it?

Here are a few key ways:

UX Design

Motion is a great tool when it comes to website design as it can massively enhance the user experience by making it more engaging. It’s also helpful when drawing attention to specific key areas of information on a page and has been proven to increase sales. When we build websites, we place a huge emphasis on creating a natural and authentic experience for the viewer. Sites that feel overly robotic tend to not perform as well because they create a barrier between the user and the brand. In this case, using motion can help evoke an emotional connection that may be missing. Most of all, it will make the user experience enjoyable and memorable.

Social Media & Ads

It isn’t always easy for social media posts and ads to be seen, let alone stand out to the viewer. Brand oversaturation has made users jaded and less likely to retain information, particularly as algorithms keep changing. Motion is a really useful tool in addressing these problems as it will help distinguish your brand from the sea of content out there while capturing the attention of the chosen audience. Let’s say for example, you’re uploading a social media post explaining your brand’s mission and heritage. In a static format, not everyone will even register it let alone read it throughout, but with motion, it completely transforms the experience. The latter is hugely important in retaining engagement and leading to conversions. Motion is also great when introducing and establishing the visual identity of a brand. You can animate anything from logos, icons, patterns and more.

Digital Marketing

Motion graphics drastically increase SEO stats as it’s estimated that people spend 2.6x longer on web pages that have videos. Additionally, they can be used for brand promotion, such as email marketing campaigns. Digital marketing is a crucial element to brand success. We are well aware that a consistent problem for marketers is working out how to speak to consumers in new ways that hold their attention. This is why we’re passionate about offering motion because we truly think it is a one of a kind service that can elevate brand presence, make content more fun and form stronger connections with customers.

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