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The Brief

Newly launched in 2019 ‘Maize & Grace’ create fresh and delicious Popcorn to be enjoyed on the go. As a brand they are dedicated to delivering truly inventive flavours, with 100% freshness, preparing the popcorn every morning before selling exclusively at their array of Central London pop-ups.

Maize & Grace approached us in early 2018 equipped only with an idea on how they would create the very best popcorn on the market. There was no strategy, brand name or visual identity – and this is where we came in!

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The Process & Result

In a category saturated with health focussed snacks we were keen to create a brand that celebrates Popcorn and the endless enjoyment we all get from eating it. Whether it’s Monday morning’s commute or Saturday’s Cinema date, Maize & Grace has something to put a smile on anyone’s face – and should be enjoyed guilt-free!

An exceptional product is nothing without an equally exceptional identity. We wanted to craft a catchy and memorable brand name that would represent their high quality produce and charming company ethos. After days and nights of brainstorming ’Maize & Grace’ was born, and being graceful will always be at the forefront of everything they do.

An elegant yet approachable look and feel was achieved by combining vivid, bright colours with the bold, retro stripes we all associated with Popcorn as children. Lastly we developed an engaging website design and user experience that would showcase Maize & Grace’s inventive flavours and tell their customers where they’re popping up next.