Sainsburys Entertainment

Sainsbury’s Entertainment

In 2014 we were approached by Sainsbury’s Entertainment to assist with the rebrand and relaunch of their digital entertainment business. Sainsbury’s Entertainment wanted to offset the decline in its physical entertainment sales by introducing a new digital revenue stream. Their new Entertainment On Demand service included downloadable eBooks, Film, TV, Music and more.

How We Helped

Our relationship with Sainsbury’s began with us pitching for the complete Rebranding of their Entertainment business. The rebrand would include a completely new concept, Brand Naming and visual identity. Our design pitch was very well received but the Sainsbury’s team later decided that a revamp of such magnitude could harm their existing customer base.

Fortunately for us our design pitch was creative enough to get their attention, and we were soon instructed to carry out a more subtle rebrand which included a new Brand Strategy, messaging and Brand Identity Design. On completion of the successful rebrand we were put to work on the redesign and User Experience (UX) of their website and supporting digital apps.

This would go on to be a 2 year project working closely their large team of in-house developers. We created a seamless, uncomplicated UX for Sainsbury’s customers and effective App Designs that would allow their users to easily download and consume digital media.


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