TB Clinics

TB Clinics – Aesthetics & Wellness

Dr Terre-Blanche, an experienced cosmetic surgeon, wanted to launch a clinic on London’s famous Harley Street. Our task was to develop a strong brand identity which housed the Aesthetics and Wellness sides of the business, design a website which would seamlessly showcase all the services and create copy which encouraged enquiries in a simple, subtle way.

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Brand Identity

There are two sides to the business – aesthetics and wellness. We decided to create a unique look and feel for both, while still making them feel connected and part of the same brand. We rendered the Aesthetics arm with natural, neutral colours, and skin-tone effects. The Wellness side was adorned with fresh, ocean and midnight blues. Overall the brand feels dynamic, modern and engaging.

Web Design & Development

Since there was so much information to showcase and two sides of the business to portray, we made sure the site was dynamic and flowing with content that was simple to discover. There’s an eye-catching, powerful animation which opens the website, allowing the user to pick Aesthetics or Wellness. Then, each section flows seamlessly onto the next, creating an effortless user journey.

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Tone & Messaging

We created unique catchphrases for TerreBlanche to use on social media in the form of hashtags. Secondly, we came up with a strong set of messages for TerreBlanche to use on the website and throughout their marketing campaigns. Plus, we made sure the copy on the site was simplified but descriptive enough to create intrigue around the treatments, luring potential customers to enquire.

Social Media

We created a comprehensive style guide for the TerreBlanche team to apply on their social media channels. Our recommendation was for imagery to be centred around the natural world but edited to feel premium. We shot images of models and presented them naturally, with minimal makeup – this is how we want the brand to be portrayed on social media.

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