You may recognise international food brand Unearthed from the chilled isle of your local Waitrose. Unearthed have been providing the UK with specialty olives, cheeses, antipasti and charcuterie for several years; but approached Klinical to assist with their upcoming launch in the US.

In 2016 Unearthed landed in the states on a mission to introduce authentic food and flavours from the most famous food regions in the world. Needless to say the Unearthed brand was well received and continues to grow from strength to strength.

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How We Helped

We delivered a new, fully responsive website for Unearthed that would effectively target US supermarkets and consumers. After conducting research into the US food market, we had a better understanding of Unearthed’s desired audience, and were able to create a Website Design that would present their inspiring flavours of Olives in a fun and engaging way.

For Unearthed launching in the US would always be a challenge, as US consumers were accustomed to only seeing olives in their local supermarket salad bars. Now packaged and sitting proudly in the chilled isle, Unearthed had the opportunity to go global and spread their passion for good food.

The online presentation of their products significantly helped Unearthed to strike deals with some of the biggest supermarkets in the US, including Wholefoods.


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