Vault Platform

Vault Platform

Vault is the next generation of misconduct reporting. Their revolutionary platform offers a complete solution for employees to record, report and resolve misconduct at work like never before.

Vault empowers employees to feel confident to report misconduct and employers to take meaningful actions to reach a resolution – often before it escalates.

Vault approached us in 2018 in need of refined brand strategy and updated visual identity, accompanied by a new website design that would showcase their platform and allow them to target companies across the UK and beyond. Their objective was simple, to get vault into every organisation so that workplace misconduct would become a thing of the past.

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How We Helped

The starting point of this project was to assess and evaluate the existing Vault brand from the ground up. From the very first discovery session we were able to identify their 3 core target audience groups, and then define the USP’s of the platform that would appeal to each.

In agreement of a new brand strategy we began refining their visual identity. We advised that the current look and feel did not portray that of a new, tech-inspired start up. It also felt too serious and presented Vault as scary rather than supportive. Vault were keen not to lose too much of their identity so we developed an enhanced colour scheme and introduced several assets to make the brand more visual. We created branded background patterns, video & imagery, illustrations, secondary typefaces and more. These were reinforced with a set of brand guidelines to ensure consistent application moving forward.

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Lastly we created a dynamic website design & UX that would tailor the Vault offering depending on the job role of the user. Employees, HR Managers and CEO’s were able to easily find the information that was relevant to their individual best interests. We also worked closely with the vault team to understand the ins and outs of the platform and devised key messaging to be used online and across marketing materials.

Since launch in November 2018 Vault have already gained interest from several high profile companies such as Google and Vodafone.