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The Vinny team arrived at our studio with an idea to launch a vegan vending machine concept, but they had no name, identity, or online presence. We christened the brand, designed its unique look and feel, and created a tone of voice strategy which would set it apart from the competition. Our ongoing relationship means we’re helping Vinny grow by developing an eCommerce side of the business.

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Brand Naming

We chose to name the brand ‘Vinny’ because it is short, easy to remember and it humanises the vending machine. The initial V also relates to Vinny’s core value – veganism. A trademark and domain check showed us that there was no competition online – we were onto a winner!

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Brand Identity

We balanced the masculinity of Vinny’s name with a bright pink colour scheme. Not only did this make the vending machine feel friendly, approachable and fun, it’s so distinct from other vending machines which are dull and lifeless. Vinny’s identity as a colourful, playful character helps him attract customers and disrupt the snacking industry.

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Web Design & Development

Vinny’s online presence matches his identity – it’s colourful, playful and engaging. We created short, simple but strong messaging, flowing from section to section (which alternate between his bright pink and blue), taking the user on a journey. We also designed an animation which brings Vinny’s icon to life and greets users as they enter the website.

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Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the vending machine business was put on hold. Instead of resting on our laurels, we saw an opportunity to create a snack box which could be delivered around the country. We built an eCommerce platform into the website, created new assets for social media, designed the boxes, and worked closely with the operations team for a successful launch.

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Tone & Messaging

We created punchy, meaningful catchphrases like ‘Good to go’, ‘100% plant-based and 0% boring’ and ‘It’s what’s inside that matters’ to quickly and cleverly portray the brand’s values. We devised a tone of voice strategy which meant Vinny would always come across as casual, cheerful, playful and occasionally cheeky. We insisted that emojis were an important part of Vinny’s communications.

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Social Media

We created a style guide for the Vinny team to apply on their social media channels, ensuring that their pages look slick, engaging and on-brand. We designed several post templates for them to use, and we continue to design and create copy for tailored social media posts on a regular basis.

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“When we approached Klinical about our project, we had almost nothing in terms of an identity. Just an idea.”

The guys then proceeded to bring all these ideas to life, from naming our brand, to our identity, tone of voice and strategy. They completely exceeded our expectations. So much so we have decided to continue our partnership beyond just the branding into a more strategic role to help us organically grow our business both traditionally and digitally. Their attention to detail & creative flare is seamless and we are so excited about our future with the business and most importantly our relationship with Klinical. Could not recommend these guys enough! Thank you Klinical!

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