Our story.

Branding Beyond Borders

Over the years, we’ve assembled a dynamic and formidable team of creatives, dedicated to crafting compelling brand identity experiences for clients worldwide. Fuelled by a profound passion for creativity and design, we go the extra mile to ensure our clients’ brands thrive. By coupling innovative ideas with industry experience, we consistently launch enduring and impactful international brands.

Where it started


Fresh out of Ravensbourne University London, our founders Billy and Marc decided to start their own agency rather than pursue traditional jobs. Shortly after graduating, they launched Klinical from Billy’s bedroom, equipped with two laptops, and a bold ambition, but no clients yet.

After three years of developing an impressive branding portfolio with local businesses and startups, Klinical hit a major turning point. The UK's leading supermarket, Sainsbury's, noticed their work and shortlisted them for a potential partnership to rebrand their entertainment division. With a mix of nerves and excitement, Billy and Marc delivered a persuasive pitch that clinched their first game-changing contract, marking a significant milestone in Klinical's journey.

The partnership with Sainsbury’s blossomed into a three-year collaboration, with Billy and Marc working in-house two days a week. This significant project enabled them to open their first office - a modest, basement studio in Hoxton Square, Shoreditch; an area renowned as the creative heart of London.


The acclaim of working with Sainsbury's, combined with their fashionable Shoreditch location, enabled Klinical to secure larger, more high-profile projects in the lifestyle sector. With rapid growth, it was time to expand the team. Klinical relocated to a larger studio on Curtain Road in Shoreditch, and the original duo quickly grew into a team of six.


Klinical was swiftly establishing its reputation in London, engaging in a range of exciting branding projects across sectors like hospitality, food & beverage, and health & wellness. The agency's work began drawing attention from international brands, leading to projects across Europe, and as far as the Middle East.


A year marked by the unforeseen challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, brought significant changes worldwide. Klinical swiftly adapted by shifting to a fully remote operation, with the team working from their homes. In a time when many businesses struggled, Klinical not only survived but thrived, aiding companies with effective marketing strategies to weather the storm. This remote working model proved highly effective, demonstrating Klinical's capability to collaborate seamlessly with international clients.


The Middle East's focus on growth and ever-changing consumer behaviours created new opportunities for Klinical, leading to successful collaborations with lifestyle brands in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Kuwait, and Qatar. This expanded Klinical's international presence significantly. Capitalising on this success, Klinical established an office in Dubai, staffed with a dedicated team to serve clients across the region.


With a growing UK team of 10+ and moving past the Covid-19 pandemic, Klinical expanded once more, opening their largest studio yet, a two-floor office with a street entrance and sign above the door, located in the bustling heart of Shoreditch. Coupled with their presence in Dubai, Klinical set their sights on wider global reach, a strategic move to evolve into a leading international branding agency.

Klinical has successfully built an impressive international team and now serves a remarkable clientele across 17 countries and 5 continents, including the USA, Dubai, Australia, Ghana, and Sweden, among others. The vision of founders Billy and Marc to create an international branding agency has been realised, marking a significant milestone in their journey.