How brands benefit from the eCommerce boom


Since the lockdown began…

37% of Brits have increased their online shopping activities

40% of the shoppers have spent most of their money on food and drink

86% of the UK’s population feel pessimistic about the future

How we’ve helped our clients

Tough times call for tasty treats! People want products they can consume which make them smile and bring satisfaction. As you’ll see, snacks and wine fit that description perfectly. We’ve helped several brands capitalise on this opportunity by taking their uplifting, high quality, affordable products online for the country to enjoy, from the comfort of their homes. Here are two great examples of that, both courtesy of Vin…


Starting out in life as a vending machine specialising in artisanal, plant-based products, Vinny found himself alone in his locations as the lockdown left offices and coworking spaces empty. We didn’t want to rest on our laurels while the business suffered, instead we brainstormed ways in which we could turn adversity into opportunity.

We decided to take advantage of the eCommerce boom by creating a Vinny snack box. The idea was that since people couldn’t come to him, he would visit them with a bright pink package packed with delicious, exciting vegan snacks. These are products that can’t be found in many other places and are healthier than the average treat.

100% plant-based, 0% boring is one of Vinny’s mottos. That mantra is brought to life with the new eCommerce functionality we built into the already stunning, bespoke website. Users can seamlessly navigate through Vinny’s brand identity, story and store all the while being seduced by his smile, bright colours and cheeky messaging.

All in all, Vinny is one very happy chap. If you’re in the mood to bring a smile to your doorstep, get your own box of happiness here at

The Grape Variety

In a quiet Surrey village, you’ll discover a delightful, specialist wine shop – now it’s online with a fully responsive, dynamic digital presence. The Grape Variety team approached us to enhance their brand by building a more beautiful website. Soon after, we were popping a cork as their new online home was launched, bringing out the brand’s personality and enticing their customers to engage.

More success was to come, in unexpected fashion, at the brink of the virus-led lockdown in March 2020. We quickly implemented eCommerce functionality into the website, getting the platform ready to sell their wines to thirsty, home-bound punters. It was a vintage move, as the online arm of the business exploded overnight going from zero eCommerce sales to £25,000.

It’s a fantastic story, and one we’re super proud of as we love supporting local, artisanal British businesses. So, if you’re in the mood to sip on something special this weekend, head over to

What can we do for you?

Most businesses are missing out on eCommerce revenue, even if they already have the right functionality on their websites. Often the branding, UX or messaging just aren’t quite up to scratch, putting customers off making purchases.

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