There’s No Social Distancing Online


At a Glance

The e-commerce explosion

In the UK, e-commerce has grown by 11% in 2020 compared to 2019, which equals an extra £19 billion worth of online spending.

Keep calm and log on

96% of the UK’s adult population is expected to be online in 2020.

It’s here to stay

6 out of 10 consumers say they’ll continue spending online like they are now, after the virus has passed.

How we’ve helped our clients

The Coronavirus situation has forced businesses to look elsewhere for their treasure. We’ve helped several brands make the transition from their traditional models to e-commerce. In doing so, we’ve come across all the pitfalls, opportunities, dos and don’ts which come with it.

E-commerce was a vital part of the B2C world before the pandemic struck, but maybe it was taken for granted. A quick search online or a scour of your social media pages will show you devastation across most sectors, sinking businesses and stifling cash-flow. However, if you carry on looking a little more closely, you’ll notice glimmers of hope, parts of the business world where adversity has become opportunity.

We’ve noticed it on our own front doorstep, so to speak. Many of our clients are B2C, so we quickly recognised the migration of buyers from the physical world to the digital one as an opportunity. As our clients’ customers have changed their buying journey, we’ve helped them take full advantage and become solid e-commerce brands ready to explore, serve and grow online.

Here are a few examples:


We helped this popular butcher become an online sensation, growing its revenue tenfold overnight. We encouraged them to market a new line of products called ‘self-isolation essentials’, and we created a subscription-based delivery box of items like milk, eggs, bread, meat and more. People have been signing up in their droves and overall, they’re extremely satisfied with the new service. By bolstering the website’s e-commerce capabilities, refining the design and introducing new messaging to fit the online audience, Larder has enjoyed great success. The online store is easy to navigate, attractive and thankfully, thriving!

Perium Fitness

As a renowned fitter of gyms, Perium Fitness realigned its strategy to focus on its secondary stream of revenue – selling high quality, affordable gym equipment to the end consumer. As you would have noticed, people are working out in their own homes and gardens, buying products to imitate their usual gym routines. Perium sells premium quality, fully functional fitness equipment and their mission is to make working out accessible to everybody. The lockdown has given them a great platform to spread the word, and facilitate the needs of gym-goers who want high quality equipment in their homes. We supported this transition by fitting the site with a ‘Perium @ Home’ page and improving the overall e-commerce journey.

Flower & Glory

As a boutique florist, customers were used to walking in and deciding what they desired. Through these difficult times, it seems that the general public hasn’t lost its attraction to all things bright and beautiful. Flowers bring happiness, cheer and positivity, decorating rooms which people find themselves confined to throughout the day. That’s why we saw an opportunity for Flower and Glory to focus its resources on e-commerce. It was important that this was taken online to keep the business thriving without losing the customer experience. We’re proud to have supported Flower and Glory, and it’s exciting to see the brand flourish in difficult circumstances.

Your opportunity

We’re extremely proud of our clients and the spirit they’ve shown. It’s been a real pleasure to support them and help them serve their growing customer base. If you are looking for business advice for your own company, whether it’s branding or digital, we’d be happy to have a chat. Now is the perfect time to discover what opportunities there are for you and how to capture them.

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