Jack The Clipper

Jack The Clipper

Established in 1996 by London’s first and biggest family of Turkish Master barbers. With over 100 years of barbering experience; Jack The Clipper has become a household name in the community, renowned for making Londoners look sharp and feel special. Their iconic barbershop brand is inspired by the murky heritage of elusive serial killer ‘Jack The Ripper’, who many believe was a barber himself. We have been working closely with ‘Jack’ for 5 years and have somehow managed to stay on his good side.

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How We Helped

Jack The Clipper came to us as a successful retail business but struggled to emulate the same fortune in the digital space. We began working with them in 2015 by creating a website that empowered them to sell grooming products and vouchers online. We designed and developed a brand new E-commerce Website with a smart User Experience (UX) to make their user journey as fluent as possible.

Jack The Clipper have enjoyed excellent publicity and have since expanded their barbershop empire to 5 retail stores across Central London, with the most recent (and impressive) near St. Paul’s Cathedral, which boasts an exclusive VIP basement known as “Chamber 88”.

Their rapid expansion posed new challenges and we were required once again to deliver a new UX solution that would entice customers into booking treatments online, as well as encouraging sales of products as gift items. Jack The Clipper records impressive sales and bookings via their E-commerce Website on a daily basis.

We work with Jack The Clipper on an ongoing basis, helping with updating their website, blog, and digital marketing.


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