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Domaine La Ferrière

Domaine La Ferrière

Domaine La Ferrière arrived at our door as a small Olive Oil producer selling minimal quantities of unbranded bottles to friends and family. Now, having carried out a complete branding process, we can proudly say that Domaine La Ferrière is a brand with strong values and a clear strategy.

Domaine La Ferrière is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a difference, and it’s their belief that if we treat the land with care and respect, the land will in turn offer its best produce. Domaine La Ferrière single estate, single harvest, organic olives are hand-picked and cold pressed to create an exceptional and sustainable product.

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How We Helped

We began the project by conducting in-depth market research which included analysis of industry trends, competitors and target audiences. Once we discovered Domaine La Ferrière’s USP’s we worked closely with their team to ensure their brand story would be well executed in our designs.

We developed an iconic Brand Identity that was inspired by an old photograph of the founder’s children playing under an Olive Tree. An image which to them represented growth as well as a love for all things living. Their Logo Design would later become their stamp of authenticity and was applied to eco-friendly packaging options, which included biodegradable labels with compostable film, ink and adhesive.

Lastly we developed an original eCommerce Website Design which tells their story, showcases their product and entices sales from consumers all over the globe.